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Divorce Law

Divorce can be difficult and draining for everyone involved. It is often an overwhelming time that can leave you feeling isolated, full of worry, and resentful. Never worry alone. Let us be your trusted guide through it all. We will help you make clear and fact-based decisions during an emotional experience.

At Vaughn Family Law, we help you stay focused so you make the best strategic decisions possible for the long term. Our compassion, patience and empathy, together with our years of family law experience, will help you through your divorce. We want you to feel confident and empowered by the choices you make during the divorce process.

Choosing a divorce attorney can ultimately make or break your outcome. We have more than 20 years of experience representing clients throughout Norfolk, Middlesex, Bristol, Plymouth, Suffolk, and Worcester counties.

Your best interests are ours, too.

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Child Custody Law, Parenting Time, and Child Support Legal Cases

Every family’s situation is different. Issues relating to children in a divorce are some of the most crucial and complicated issues we deal with. Each case we handle is unique, and we treat them as such. If you have children, we will discuss and address legal custody, primary residence versus shared parenting, parenting plan, child support and the sharing of child related expenses.

Determining what may be relevant to a child related issue and what falls within the purview of the Courts can be tricky. Rely on our experience to guide you.

Vaughn Family Law can help you navigate these decisions. We are sensitive to the different vulnerabilities parents can feel at this time. We are resourceful and creative in drafting child custody and parenting plans.

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Modifications and Contempts Legal Services

There’s a feeling of relief when you finalize your Separation Agreement or receive an official Judgment of Divorce following a trial. But it’s rare to be totally finished dealing with your ex-spouse on the date of divorce, especially if children are involved.

One of you might act against the terms of your agreement or judgment, or maybe life changes require an adjustment to your parenting plans. Maybe the financial situation for one of you has changed considerably over time. If you are facing one of these issues, you may need to file or defend a Complaint for Contempt or a Complaint for Modification.


Life happens. Careers evolve. Salaries can go up or down. Where you live may need to change, potentially taking you out of state. Any number of life situations can affect your current Court orders - maybe you have lost your job, or are required to relocate. Maybe you have had a health issue, or one of you is remarrying. Or perhaps your income and benefits are changing significantly, or your children’s needs have changed.

Any change you make to Court orders (including agreements) must be formally filed with the Court in order to be enforceable. There is an option to file a joint modification if you and your former spouse are able to reach an agreement without the assistance of the Court. We will help you streamline your case whenever possible.

Enforcement Actions

No one wants to go back to Court after they have gone through a divorce. But sometimes your former spouse leaves you no choice. Whether unknowingly or on purpose, one party to a divorce may violate something in the divorce agreement.

If your ex-spouse (or, if never married, your child's other parent) fails to meet any of their Court-ordered obligations, then you may need to pursue a complaint for contempt against them. The most common complaints for contempt are usually filed because an ex-spouse failed to comply with the parenting plan, child support, life insurance obligations, property division, or alimony order.

If you are served with a complaint for contempt, seek legal counsel immediately. The ramifications of being found guilty of contempt of Court are serious and may include getting ordered to pay the other side’s legal fees or even getting incarcerated in more extreme cases. Let us help you put on the strongest defense possible.

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